Oceana Clutches: Meeting Elegance and Sustainability

Founded in 2019 by Rima Kapadia and Rashi Maniar, Oceana Clutches is redefining luxury by blending elegance with sustainability. Located in the heart of Juhu, Mumbai, Oceana offers cruelty-free and eco-friendly handbags and clutches, striking a perfect balance between sophistication, environmental responsibility, and affordability.

With a background in commercial art and photography, Rima Kapadia spearheads the creative side, while Rashi Maniar handles the financial and operational aspects. What started as a creative outlet for the duo quickly blossomed into a successful business venture.

Oceana’s product range features bags crafted from vegan plant leather, resin, acrylic, and hand-beaded textiles. Customization is a standout feature, allowing customers to personalize their bags with name or initial etching, ensuring each piece is as unique as its owner.

The brand has attracted attention from celebrities like Alia Bhatt and influencers such as Masoom Minawala. Oceana's clutches have also gained international recognition, appearing in Hollywood Netflix shows and at high-profile events.

Visit Oceana’s flagship store at Juhu Orchid Building or explore their collection online at [Oceana Clutches]( Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. Embrace luxury that champions sustainability and individuality.
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  • Oceana Clutches specializes in luxury bulk orders for birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate gifting. Our exquisite designs ensure memorable and sophisticated gifts, perfect for any occasion. Elevate your celebrations with the elegance and craftsmanship of Oceana Clutches.

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